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VinTechMa introducing the highest machine quality and machine upgrades

Vintechma Vincent van der Heijden

VinTechMa is the exclusive label that:

  • guarantees the highest machine quality and service level for:
  • Upgrading Brausse machines

Full qualification program
VinTechMa machines comply with the European Standards and have completed a full qualification program. The highest machine quality is built in with all delivered machines and all parts are carefully selected and where necessary adjusted for longer life, higher reliability and maximum uptime. Only after a detailed check, each machine is awarded with the VinTechMa label.

Red carpet service
Since the people of VinTechMa understand the impact of machine downtime for your organisation, a selected team of young, talented and experienced professionals is ready to give support round-the-clock if service is required.

VinTechMa upgrades, if needed, your existing or new Brausse machines, when it matters, it regards to automatic feeder non-stop, logistics, machine speed, active feeding with camera, quick locking systems, packer, foil block-compacter etc etc. Ask for a quote.

Brausse Europe and Vinfoil
The VinTechMa-certificate can be issued for machines delivered by Brausse Europe and Vinfoil. Brausse Europe is the exclusive European representative of Brausse converting machines. Vinfoil is the Dutch company of the revolutionary foil saving Gloss Foil and UV Film machines.

Vincent van der Heijden, managing director of Brausse Europe and founding father of Vinfoil, explains. "Our customers require high speed, top quality production machines, running 24/7. We have introduced the VinTechMa label in order to guarantee our customers the required, highest machine quality and optimal service level." Van der Heijden himself manages the VinTechMa team.